Team Carolina

Our 11th year serving North Carolina’s top lacrosse players. 

Established in 2005, Team Carolina was created to give the top players in the region the opportunity to play together against the best competition in the nation’s top tournaments.

We recognize that anyone who has ever competed at a high level understands that the best athletes, in any sport, enjoy the opportunity to play with the best players and against the best competition they can find. This process not only improves their individual skills and understanding of the game, but allows players, coaches and families the occasion to develop friendships and an appreciation for lacrosse in other parts of the state and the country.  While Team Carolina strives to gather the best talent the area has to offer, we are not an all-star team. Team Carolina promotes fundamentally sound lacrosse, institutes on and off field team building concepts, and expects its players to respond to instruction. While we optimize the opportunities for players to showcase their talents, Team Carolina members should embody the “team first” attitude.

UntitledIn 2010 Team Carolina joined the National Scholastic Club Lacrosse Association. The NSCLA features many of the most respected lacrosse clubs around. Membership in the NSCLA gives Team Carolina the chance to compete head to head versus the very best clubs in the country every Summer & Fall. Info is posted at


PA-Logo-trans copyIn 2014 Team Carolina was selected as the 10th member of the Passport Alliance. The Passport Alliance is an organization of  like minded highly competitive lacrosse clubs in both the United States and Canada seeking to create and participate  in the  most compelling opportunities  for  lacrosse  players  that want to compete at the collegiate level. Info is online at: